Srikrishnanagari Vrindavan

Srikrishnanagari Vrindavan

Vrindavan is a witness to the child leelas of Lord Krishna.

Vrindavanis about 15 km from Mathura. Vrindavan is a witness to the child leelas of Lord Krishna. There are many opinions about how Vrindavan was named after this holy place. Vunda is called basil. Earlier it was dense forest of Tulsi, hence Vrindavan started being called. The presiding deity of Vrindavan is Vrinda i.e. Radha. According to Brahmavaivarta Purana, one of the sixteen names of Sri Radha Rani is also Vrinda. Vrinda lives in this Vrindavan with the desire to meet her beloved Shri Krishna and makes Vrindavan holy and rasamay. The streets of Vrindavan are very famous and these streets of Vrindavan are called Kunj Galia. Srikrishnanagari Vrindavan.

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Kalidasa mentions it in the context of Indumati-Swayamvara in Raghuvansh, while introducing Shursenadhipati Sushen, which gives a sense of the state of the beautiful gardens of Vrindavan during Kalidasa’s time. According to Srimad Bhagwat, Nandji came to Vrindavan residence along with the Kutumbis and compatriots to escape the tyranny of Kansa from Gokul. This incident is mentioned in the Vishnu Purana. There is also a description of Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavan elsewhere in the Vishnupurana.

About Vrindavan-Srikrishnanagari Vrindavan Temple

Banke Bihari Temple

The main visible temple of Vr-indavan is Shri Banke Bihari Temple. This temple built by Swami Haridas ji is very ancient. The temple’s establishment Shri Vigraha was revealed from Nidhivan, which was established here by Swami Haridas. Shri Bihari’s Charan Darshan is done only on Akshay Teej and in Sawan, Hindole is seen.


It is a grand temple in the modern temples of Vrindav-an. It’s also known as the Britisher’s temple. All foreign women and men are seen here in the tune of Hare Rama – Hare Krishna in saffron robes. The temple has magnificent statues of Radha Krishna and all the state-of-the-art facilities.

There is also the temple of the descendant thief Radha Rani

There is also a temple of Vanshi Chor Radha Rani in Nidhi forest. The Mahant here says that when Radha ji started to think that Kanhaiya keeps playing the song all the time, not paying attention to him, he stole his wanshi. In this temple, Krishna’s most beloved Gopi Lalita ji also has an idol with Radha ji.

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Rang Ji Temple

Rang Ji Temple is a wonderful example of South Indian architecture. This temple is famous for its grandeur and 6 feet gold pillar standing in the temple courtyard. The courtyard of the temple is also huge. The Rath Utsav, Baikunth Utsav and Janmashtami Utsav of Rang Ji Temple are worth seeing.

Shah ji Temple

Shah Ji’s temple on the banks of Yamuna is famous for its marble pillars. It is famous for crooked pillars. Actually its name is Lalit Kunj. Basant Panchami holds a fair here.

Yamuna River

After visiting Vrind-avan you can enjoy boating in the Yamuna River in the evening. There is also spiritual aarti in the morning and evening.

Heart of Braj:-

Vrindavan is called the heart of Braj where Shri Radhakrishna has performed his divine pastures. This holy land has been called the best and the most secret part of the earth. In the Padma Purana, it has been described as the body of God, the place of contact with the full Brahman and the shelter of happiness. For this reason, it has remained the center of reverence of devotees since time immemorial. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Swami Haridas, Sri Hitharivamsa, Many Goswami devotees like Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya etc. have devoted their life in decorating its splendor and presenting the world as immortal property. Here the wonderful couple of beautiful Shrikrishna and Shriradha’s amazing daily vihala takes place.

Best Time To Visit

Mathura is the district of Uttar Pradesh, it is very hot during summer. The weather here is excellent and winters during winter. Tourists can visit here from September to October.

How to Reach

By Air: –

The nearest airport to Vrindavan is Kheria Airport in Agra which is located at a distance of 53 km from Vrindavan. This airport is connected by air to major cities of the country. After reaching here you can reach Vrindavan via bus or taxi.

By Rail: –

There is no railway station in Vrindavan. The nearest railway station is at Mathura, which is located 10 km from Vrindavan. Regular trains run for Mathura Cantt and Mathura Junction. After reaching the station you can reach Vrindavan Dham by taxi or motor rickshaw.

By Road: –

There is no bus route directly to Vrindavan from the major cities of the country. The nearest bus stand here is Mathura, which is 10 km from Vrindavan. Here you can come by bus from Delhi. Apart from this, Bharatpur and Rajasthan are 45 km from Mathura from where regular buses come. Then one can go to Vrindavan by auto rickshaw or taxi.

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