Baba Baijnath Dham

Baba Baijnath Dham – Jyotirlinga

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva Baba

One of the twelve Jyotirlingas, the holy Vaidyanath Shivling is located in Deoghar, Jharkhand. People also know this place by the name of Baba Baijnath Dham. It is said that Bholenath fulfills all the wishes of those who come here. Therefore, this Shivling is also called ‘Kamna Linga’. Baba Baijnath Dham – Jyotirlinga

It is said for 12 Jyotirlingas that wherever Mahadev Sakshat appeared, they were established there. Similarly in the Puranas, there is also the story of Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga, which is associated with Lankapati Ravana.


Story of Baba Dham

Baba is said to have appeared everywhere Mahadev. Jyotirlingas have been established there. There is also a story of Baba Baijnath Dham which is associated with Ravana.

Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Once he was doing penance on the Himalayas to please Lord Shiva. During the penance, he was cutting his head one by one and offering it to Shivalinga. In this way he offered his 9 heads to Lord Shiva. When he cut off the 10th head and started offering it to Lord Shiva, Shiva appeared pleased and asked him to ask for a bride.

Ravana then asked for a boon that he wanted to take the ‘Kamna Linga’ to Lanka. Ravana wanted Lord Shiva to leave Kailash and stay in Lanka. Shivji fulfilled this wish of Ravana but also laid a condition. He said that if you put Shivalinga on the way, then I will stay there again and will not wake up.

Lord Shiva

Hearing this talk of Lord Shiva, all the deities got worried and went to Vishnu to solve this problem. On solicitation of the gods, Vishnu created a play. He asked Varun Dev to enter Ravana’s stomach through Achman. Therefore, when Ravana came to Lanka with a zeal and a shivling, he got a small glimpse near Devghar.

Ravana caught a baiju named Baiju wandering there, and went on a miniature bath. There was Lord Vishnu in the form of a cow named that Baiju. According to mythological stories, Ravana kept on miniature for many hours. Which is still in Deoghar as a pond. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Baiju installed the Shivling on earth. Due to this legend, this place of pilgrimage is famous by both the names Baijnath Dham and Ravaneswar Dham.

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When Ravana returned from the miniature, he tried a million to lift the Shivling, but he failed. After understanding this lila of God, Ravana got very angry and he went with his thumb on Shivling. After that the gods like Brahma, Vishnu etc. came and worshiped that Shivling. As soon as Lord Shiva appeared, all the Gods and Goddesses established the Shivalinga at the same place and praised Shiva and went back to heaven. Since then Mahadev sits in Devghar as ‘Kamna Linga’.

How to reach: –

By Air:-

Ranchi, Gaya, Patna and Kolkata are the nearest airports from where Deoghar can be reached by road.

By Rail:-

The nearest railway station Jasidih is 10 km from here which is situated on Howrah Patna Delhi line.

By Road:-

373 km from Kolkata, 112 km from Giridih, 281 km from Patna

By Bus:-

Direct and regular bus service is available from Bhagalpur, Hazaribagh, Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Gaya to Deoghar.

Major Attractions: –

Trikut: A beautiful mountain Trikut is located on Dumka Road, 16 km from Deoghar. There are many caves and waterfalls on this mountain. Devotees going from Baidyanath to Basukinath Temple like to stay on this mountain adorned with temples.

Naulakha Temple:-Situated on the outskirts of Deoghar, this temple is known for its architectural beauty. The temple was built by a follower of Balananda Brahmachari who performed penance at Tapovan, 8 km from the city. Tapovan is also an attractive site decorated with temples and caves.

Nandan Pahar:- The significance of this mountain is due to the flock of temples built here which are dedicated to various Gods. There is also a pool on the top of the mountain where people come for picnics.

Satsang Ashram:- This place is a symbol of religious faith for the followers of Thakur Aditachandra. Apart from the Sarva Dharma temple, there is also a museum and zoo. Baba Baijnath Dham – Jyotirlinga

Shravani Mela: –

This Shravani fair, which runs in the month of Savan, crosses the number of lakhs of Kavandis everyday. It is no less than a Mahakumbh. This fair, to be held in Deoghar, Jharkhand, is directly related to Sultanganj in Bihar. It is here that after taking water from the Ganges river, the Kanwariyas start the journey of barefoot Deoghar with the ‘Bol Bomb’ cheer. Baba Baijnath Dham – Jyotirlinga

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