Top 6 Romantic Honeymoon Places in Jammu & Kashmir- Romance In The Hills


Beautiful snow covered plains, waterfalls and shikaras on the lake, every romantic couple’s heart is happy after coming to the land of Kashmir. Whether it is to enjoy skiing in Gul_marg or to see the beauty of the waterfalls flowing through the snowy mountains, spending a honeymoon with your life partner in Kashmir is something else. Top 6 Romantic Honeymoon Places in Jammu And Kashmir- Romance In The Hills.

When you are going to start your married life, the stronger its foundation, the better the marital life. Visit a beautiful place with husband and memorable moments spent there always keep your relationship strong. If you have paid Kashmir as your honeymoon destination, then we are going to tell you about the main tourist attractions here, where you must roam.

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1. Srinagar

Jammu And Kashmir- Romance In The Hills

As everyone knows, the capital of Kashmir is Srinagar, the same people of India call Srinagar the heaven of the earth. Srinagar is one of the beautiful tourist places. The Vadia here is very beautiful. The beauty of the mountains here cannot be described. It is a romantic place. If you are planning a honeymoon then definitely go here. Some of the places here are very beautiful, if you are going here then do not forget to see the place given below. Let us tell you about the special place of Srinagar.

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How to reach:

Distance to Delhi by Road

                                                        :- 809 Km

Nearest Railway Station

                                                        :- Udham-purRailway Station

Nearest Bus Stand

                                                        :-  Srinagar Bus Stand

2. Kishtwar_(Jammu And Kashmir)

Top 6 Romantic Honeymoon Places in Jammu And Kashmir- Romance In The Hills

Kisht-war covered with large snowy mountains is decorated with cedar and pine trees on every side. If you enjoy walking, then you will like to roam far and wide. You can also visit Paddar here, which is famous for safair and ruby ​​mines. If you plan to visit here, do not miss taking a dip in Tatta water, it is a hot spring, whose water is considered to have medicinal elements. Top 6 Romantic Honeymoon Places in Jammu And Kashmir- Romance In The Hills.

How to reach:

Distance to Delhi by Road

                                                        :- 757 Km

Nearest Railway Station

                                                        :- Udhampu-r  Railway Station

Nearest Bus Stand

                                                        :-  Kish-twar Bus Stand

3. Baramulla

Jammu And Kashmir- Romance In The Hills

The biggest attraction of Baramula is its gurudwaras, temples, monasteries and mosques. Among them, the Zyarat Baba Reshi of Tanmarg, the Zyarat Tujjar Sharif of Sopore, the Imambara Goom of Ahmadpora and the Zyarat Zambaz Wali can be counted among them. At the same time, Mohineshwar Pagoda is very much recognized in Hindu temples. By visiting these religious places, you can take blessings for the good start of your married life.

When you are traveling here with your husband, then you must also visit G-ulmarg. Earlier this area used to be named Gaurimarg, but later in the 16th century the name was changed to Gu-lmarg i.e. ‘Valley of Flowers’. Gulmarg is also famous for its golf course, which has been called the world’s highest golf course.

How to reach:

Distance to Delhi by Road

                                                        :- 862 Km

Nearest Railway Station

                                                        :- Baramulla  Railway Station

Nearest Bus Stand

                                                        :-  Baramulla, Bus Stand

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4. Sonamarg(Romance In The Hills)

 Romance In The Hills

S-onamarg is a popular tourist destination located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is situated at an altitude of 2740 meters above sea level. Surrounded by snow-clad mountains, the Son-amarg town is located before the Joji-La Pass. Sonam-arg literally means “gold fields”. The place got its name based on the fact that in the spring it is covered with beautiful flowers which looks golden. When the sun’s rays fall on the high peaks of the mountains, they also look golden.

The presence of various lakes such as Gadsar, Krishnasar and Gangabal enhance the beauty of the place, which are also popular tourist destinations. Gadsar Lake is 15 km from Sona-marg. Is situated at a distance of and is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains and alpine flowers.

How to reach:

Distance to Delhi by Road

                                                        :- 902 Km

Nearest Railway Station

                                                        :- Pampore  Railway Station

Nearest Bus Stand

                                                        :-  Amarnath Bus Stand

5. Udhampur

Top 6 Romantic Honeymoon Places

Ud-hampur is a district in the districts of Jammu and Kashmir, its headquarters is Udha-mpur, the district has 4 subdivisions, 8 tehsils, and 17 development blocks or blocks or mauja and 3 is the Vidhan Sabha constituency and the district comes under the Udhampur Lok Sabha. Top 6 Romantic Honeymoon Places in Jammu And Kashmir- Romance In The Hills.

How to reach:

Distance to Delhi by Road

                                                        :- 609 Km

Nearest Railway Station

                                                        :- Chak Rakhwal Railway Station

Nearest Bus Stand

                                                        :-  Chak Rakhwal Bus Stand

6. Gulmarg(Jammu And Kashmir)

Top 6 Romantic Honeymoon Places in Jammu And Kashmir

Gul-marg means “flower lover”. Gulm-arg, situated at an altitude of 2730 meters in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, was discovered by the British in 1927. It was earlier known as “Gaurimarg”, which is the name of “Gauri”, the consort of Lord Shiva. Then the last king of Kashmir, King Yusuf Shah Chak, was engrossed in the beauty and quiet atmosphere of this place and named it from Gaurimarg to Gulmarg.

Nearby place

Ningli Nallah and Otter Circle Walk are the two major attractions of Gulma-rg. The melting snow of the Afrat hill flows into the Ningali stream. Further, it passes through the hills and joins the Jhelum River at Sopore. Travelers can see this Nallahe from the bridge built in Khilanmarg, which is another tourist spot of G-ulmarg. “Otter Circle Walk” is also a tourist destination of Kashmir.

How to reach:

Distance to Delhi by Road

                                                        :- 859 Km

Nearest Railway Station

                                                        :- Baramula  Railway Station

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