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Top 10 Romantic Places For Honeymoon In Goa


Goa is not an introduction, very popular place among honeymoon couples, Goa has everything for you that will not let you get out of the honeymoon mood. Tranquil beaches, superb Portuguese architecture, vibrant feni, bay-roc-tok nightlife and delicious spicy windaloo. This is your Goa – blue sea in front and the shining sun behind it. There is so much in Goa, that will force you to fall in love again and again and never let your marriage spirit wane. Top 10 Romantic Places For Honeymoon In Goa.

Goa ranks first in the list of honeymoon destinations for honeymoon couples. Goa is also known as Honeymoon Destination. There are many places to spend romantic moments for honeymoon couple. A visit to Goa’s centuries-old church, enjoying a beer in a seaside restaurant or watching the sun set in a beach resort, there are many places in Goa where couples can spend memorable moments. Goa is like a magnet for newcomers, Goa is known not only for its sun-drenched beach but also for Portugal-style buildings, vibrant nightlife and wellness centers with fancy resorts that will help your fatigue. And will eliminate stress in a moment.

How to reach Goa

Airways: –

                                      Dabolim International Airport


Madgaon Bus Terminal, Kadamba Bus Terminal and Mapusa Bus Terminal

Railroad track:-

                                      Madgaon Railway Station

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1. Anjuna Beach(Goa)

Top 10 Romantic Places For Honeymoon In Goa
Anjuna Beach

Anjuna-beach can be reached by road and it is 3 km from the famous Candolim beach. is far. There are some expensive hotels in Anjuna, so when you come to this place it feels like you have come to a party. This beach is one of the oldest beaches and the tourists’ mood changes completely as it is very slow and commercialization is negligible.

Anjuna beach is known for its small rocks along the sea. Tourists staying in hotels around the beach often go to see the rising sun in the morning, the local tea, to see the coffin. Morning is also good for taking some great pics. Along with foreign tourists on AnjunaBeach, Indian tourists can also enjoy activities such as yoga, Reiki, Ayurvedic massage. Two local names for this are Brahmani and Oceanic. They can be used daily or weekly.

Distance from Panaji:-                    21.5 KM

2. Vagator Beach(Goa)

Vagator Beach
Vagator Beach

Vagatorbea-ch is located about 22 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa and being less popular, it is also a clean and peaceful place. The golden sand and sparkling water in the shape of crescent moon are divided into two parts. The beach is divided into two parts, namely North VagatorBeach and Ozran Beach or Little Beach.

Located north of A-njunaBeach, Vagator_Beach is one of the most attractive and beautiful beaches in Goa. Originally there are two beaches here: Small and Big VagatorBeach. Vagator beach is a major attraction for party lovers across the country. Vagator beach is very close to the Chapora Fort and it has white clear sand scattered on it. Many restaurants and eateries have been built on this beach, of which the very famous ‘Primrose Shack’ has some delicious Goan dishes and some traditional Indian dishes.

Distance from Panaji:-                    22   KM

3. Morjim Beach(Goa)

Morjim Beach

Morjim_beach, known as Turtle Beach, is located in Padane, North Goa. The beach is provided with a spectacular view that includes an enchanting green environment. Morjim beach is a suitable place for the breeding process (laying eggs and hatching) of Olive Ridley turtles, it is an endangered species. It is such an experience to see newborns of turtles, turtles and crabs that you will not forget. Kite surfing is a popular activity on this beach due to shallow depth.

Goa, the ‘Sunshine State’ of India, is a perfect destination for a long holiday or honeymoon. Goa is an ideal holiday destination, with 105 km of beautiful beaches and endless seaside. The serene and picturesque environment attracts everyone, and in fact, you have to plan which beach to visit before you take a vacation in Goa, so that you don’t miss any good beach in Goa. In this article, we are giving you information about which beach to visit while visiting Goa. Top 10 Romantic Places For Honeymoon In Goa.

Distance from Panaji:-                    27 KM

4. Arambol Beach(Goa)

Top 10 Romantic Places For Honeymoon
Arambol Beach

Arambol_Beach is located slightly above Baga and Calangute in the north of Goa. Unlike these beaches, Arambol Beach is completely untouched by commercialization. This simple beach has a unique fresh water lake. Due to local policies there are not many hotels and restaurants near Arambol-Beach but there are some shacks where you can enjoy this ancient beach, clean air and clear water.

Distance from Panaji:-                    35 KM

5. Colva Beach

Honeymoon In Goa
Colva Beach

The famous Colva Beach is located in a district of South Goa. Unlike the beaches of North Goa, Colva Beach is very quiet and the ancient white sands scattered here are a playground for photography. The shack on Colva Beach looks more stunning, being surrounded by nightclubs and souvenir stalls.

Attractive water sports like Paragliding and Banana Boat Rides on Colva Beach will definitely attract you. Whereas Colva beach is quiet for peace lovers and dazzling at night for party lovers. Hundreds of tourists and locals visit the bar or pub on Colva Beach and celebrate fiercely here.

Distance from Panaji:-                    33.5 KM

6. Mobor Beach(Goa)

 Mobor Beach
Mobor Beach

Mobor_Beach in South Goa is an attractive hangout beach, which is the perfect destination for tourists visiting Goa for their holidays. It is especially blessed to have a soft plain of soft white sand which attracts you throughout your tour. Mobor Beach Situated next to the Cavelosim beach if you want to visit South Goa and enjoy parties, water sports and other activities, then Mobor-Beach can be your favorite destination.

Distance from Panaji:-                    54 KM

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7. Agonda Beach(Goa)

Top 10 Romantic Places
Agonda Beach

AgondaB-each is an attractive beach located in the state of Goa, which is located near a village called Agonda in the southern Kanakona district of Goa. This beach is famous for its serene atmosphere. AgondaBeach has a large number of tourists who are looking for a quiet place and want to relax. The beauty of clear blue water on the banks of Ago-nda Beach is very popular and tourists spend their time sitting for hours near this water. Top 10 Romantic Places For Honeymoon In Goa.

Agonda beach tends to be somewhat dangerous in times of high tide and surfing becomes a risky situation during this time. This beach is also considered an ideal place to enjoy life like other beaches in Goa. The presence of tourists on Agonda_Beach is less. Tourists here like to relax and sunbathe.

Distance from Panaji:-                             70 KM

8. Palolem Beach(Goa}

Top 10 Romantic Places For Honeymoon In Goa
Palolem Beach

Palolem-Beach is a beautiful beach located at the southern tip of Goa, about 38 km from Madgaon, Kanakona, which is known as the white sand paradise. This beach is an ideal place for tourists who seek peace. It is not surprising that there is a large crowd of tourists here. Which includes all domestic and foreign tourists.

Distance from Panaji:-                              70 KM

9. Sinquerim Beach(Goa)

Top 10 Romantic Places For Honeymoon
Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim-Beach is located in a small village in the northern region of Goa. Which is located at a distance of about 14 kilometers from the capital Panaji. Despite being in this crowded area, it is also quiet. There is also a fort on this beach, which is known as the Sinquerim Fort. The mouth of the fort is towards the center. This beach attracts a lot of tourists. There is a gathering of tourists from all over the country and abroad, who come to enjoy various activities on this beach. Top 10 Romantic Places For Honeymoon In Goa.

Distance from Panaji:-                              14.1 KM

10. Cola beach

Honeymoon In Goa
Cola beach

If you are looking for a feeling of peace between Relaxed and nature, one of the best beaches in Goa, then your vacation time is incomplete without a visit to Kola Beach in Goa. This private beach allows you to enjoy the night life, where you can spend time overnight in a safari tent comfortably on the sand. Kola beach is also known as ‘Khola’ beach. It is one of the remote beaches of Goa suitable for those looking for a beautiful place for peace and relaxation.

Those who come for a quiet holiday in Goa will definitely feel good here as if they are heaven. This beach will live up to your expectations. It is a completely peaceful beach which is far from the run of the city life and is much cleaner and quieter than the rest of Goa’s beaches.

Distance from Panaji:-                              29 KM

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