Honeymoon Places In Switzerland

Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Switzerland


Newly married couples need to do something special to carry on their love life after their marriage, due to which most couples go on honeymoon after marriage to spend time alone and give their love a new twist. Honeymoon gives a different feeling in their life and helps to start a new relationship. There are many places for honeymooning in the world where lovers can enjoy their honeymoon. Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Switzerland.

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Switzerland tourism is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the natural beauty of Switzerland attracts tourists. Surrounded by the Alps hills, this country is among the wandering places of Europe. People come from all over the world to visit Switzerland’s sightseeing. If you want to feel like a paradise on earth, then you must visit Switzerland once because Switzerland is also called heaven on earth. The natural beauty of Switzerland has been filmed in many films and this charming country in the mountainous world has become highly popular in the film world.

The Switzerland tourist destination is also known for its guest Navaji. Switzerland is a great destination for nature lovers, trekking enthusiasts, and those interested in camping activities.


The history of Switzerland is believed to be of the fourth century. When the Roman Empire came to an end, Switzerland was divided into several empires. Switzerland came under France in 1798 and France made its constitution in Switzerland. But this provision also did not last long. For your information, let us know that even after the two world wars, Switzerland did not face much danger and it itself came into existence as a separate country. Switzerland Holiday Day is observed on 01 August, the day Switzerland became fully independent.

Zurich-Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Switzerland

Zuric h is a very attractive city among the major tourist destinations of Switzerland known for its Department of International Banking and Finance. Zurichis the largest city in Switzerland and is located in the north-central part of Switzer-land. Tourists will get to see many churches, museums, theaters, parks and lakes in this beautiful city. Along with this, there are many night clubs in Z-urich, Switzerland which tourists will not get to see anywhere else. Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Switzerland.


One of the beautiful places to see in Switzerland tourism is Geneva which is considered to be the quietest city in Switzerland. Switzerland is a very popular country for chocolates and watches and Geneva is the hub of these businesses. Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland which is also the headquarters of the United Nations Organization. Geneva has a very famous motor show which attracts people from all over the world. There are many scenic places in Geneva where you will enjoy a lot by walking. The most prominent of these are the Levotricola Museum of Geneva, the famous Lake Geneva, the Opera House and the Orchestra Bakai Kabila.


The city of Lucerne is a beautiful tourist destination included in Switzerland tourism, located at the northern end of the Sapphire Lake. Sapphire Lake is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland. Lucerne is a small city in Switzerland but it is very attractive. The city has a very old bridge which remains a center of tourist attraction. Apart from this, there are many such places in Lucerne where you can enjoy the pleasure by walking. Lucerne is a very cultural place for those interested in music and literature. Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Switzerland.

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Basel is one of the most attractive cities in Switzerland, situated on the banks of the Rhine River. For tourists who love nature, Basel is a very beautiful place where one gets to see nature at a distance. Basel has the largest museum and along with it many boutiques and antique shops. Cherry trees are very attractive in the city of Basel.


One of the attractive places in Switzerland is the city of Lausanne which is known for its vineyards. Lausanne is also famous for sports, events like hockey and football are organized here every year. Along with this, Lausanne also has many museums and ancient monuments for those interested in culture and art. This beautiful city is very enjoyable for tourists. This peaceful place attracts everyone else. Jermat is also a lot for shopping. You can enjoy delicious food along with shopping here.


One of the places to visit in Switzerland is the city of Lugano, which is located in the south of Switzerland on the Italian border in Ticino. The city is very famous due to Lake Lugano. The city of Lugano is also known for Swiss banking. The temperature of the city of Lugano is the lowest and it invites tourists from all over the world to its courtyard. This is the reason why the city of Lugano is colder than other cities of Switzerland. The city of Lugano hosts spectacular Lugano events during the months of April and May. Tourists must be a part of this program. Along with this, Lugano has many attractive churches and museums which attract tourists further.

Swiss National Park

One of the famous places to visit in Switzerland is the Swiss National Park, which is situated on the Angadin Valley on the border of Italy. This famous tourist destination of Switzerland was established in the year 1914. Tourists get to see the wildlife sanctuary in the Swiss National Park. Tourists can increase their general knowledge by seeing many birds and wildlife species in this park. The mountains around this park are covered with snow which seems to be attractive. Along with this, you will find pits of limestone near Swiss National Park. Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Switzerland.


The capital of Switzerland, Bern is a very beautiful city known for its business. The business of watches and moving puppets in Bern is very popular. A very long church included in Bern’s attractions is located here. If you go to see this attraction in Switzerland with your family, you will be surprised. Do have a view of the bear park of the city of Bern.

The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is a very beautiful place in Switzerland and an ideal place to view the snowy mountains. When the snow mountains melt here, this scene becomes very attractive and worth seeing. For your information, let us know that this mountain melts and falls on limestone. Apart from this, tourists can also enjoy boating in the Rhine river here. Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Switzerland.

Oberhofen Castle

Oberhofen Castle is a very romantic place in Switzerland and it is a magnificent palace situated on the shores of Lake Thun, as well as a famous historical place. The palace also has many ancient monuments and a huge museum along with it. Which gives tourists a sense of style here. Apart from this, Oberhofen Castle Park also attracts tourists.


Jungfraujch, one of Switzerland’s major sights, is a very attractive place, also known as the top of Europe. The hills of this place are covered with attractive snow, which tourists find attractive. Europe’s largest glacier, named Alets Glacier, originates from Jungfrajuch. It also has a very old and famous resort in Switzerland. For tourists, this place proves to be a very wonderful experience.

Best Time To Visit

If you have made up your mind to visit Switzerland, then let us tell you that you can choose any month of the year to go to Switzerland. Because the weather here is very cold. Each season has its own specialty for visiting Switzerland. You can participate in different activities in different seasons. In Switzerland, temperatures are low even during summer.

How To Reach

Switzerland is a very beautiful country and everyone wants to visit this magnificent country. If you have also planned to go to Switzerland, then let us tell you that the best means to go to Switzerland is by air route. Because Switzerland is well connected to all countries via airways. Regular flights to Switzerland from India will be easily available. There are flights available to travel to Switzerland from various cities of India such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Kolkata and Kochi. From where you can reach Direct Zu-rich, Geneva and Basel.

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