Top 10 Best Honeymoon Places In Ooty


There are many famous points like Madumalai National Park, Dodabetta Peak, Ooty Lake present here. This is a paradise for those who are fond of fishing, who enjoy wild life and like the highest peak of Ooty (Dodabetta). This hill station is located in Tamil Nadu and is around 2,623 meters above sea level. People like to come here most of the winter. The weather here is very spectacular at this time. Top 10 Best Honeymoon Places In Ooty.

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1. Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake is one of the most famous and beautiful attractions of Ooty, 3 kilometers from Ooty city. Many films have also been shot here and boating has been going on for a long time. So go to Ooty Lake and enjoy boating. If you want, you can take a round of the lake by sitting here on row boats, paddle boats or motor boats. Eucalyptus mountains and Eucalyptus trees present nearby add to the beauty of this lake.

2. Emerald Dam And Lake

Emerald Dam And Lake

Emerald_Lake, 22 km from the city of Ooty, is located inside Silent Valley National Park. This entire area is known for its serene environment and wild flora. This place is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. There are high mountains and tea gardens around this lake. Also, this place is suitable for those who are fond of bird watching as there are a large number of species of birds found in the vicinity of the lake.

3. Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche_Lake is located in the Nilgiris hills and about 28 km from the city of Ooty. Is located at a distance. This lake was formed in the 19th century due to the glide of ice rock here. It is named on this basis. Top 10 Best Honeymoon Places In Ooty.

Adventure tourists can also camp on the banks of the lake and spend most of their time walking along the lake. Some people are busy in adventure activities like trekking etc. while some people also enjoy the sport of rafting.

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4. Pykara Falls And Lake

Pykara Falls And Lake

Payakara Lake is one of the oldest power plants in India. Payakara lake derives its name from the village of Payakara, which is located at a distance of about 12 km from the lake. This beautiful lake is surrounded by Shola forest, which is one of the famous tourist destinations of Ooty. Tourists visiting this lake can also enjoy boating, speed boating etc.

5. Catherine Fall

Catherine Fall

Catherine’s waterfall is named after the wife of MD Kokburn, the man who started the production of coffee in Kotagiri. Both Mr. and Mrs. Cokeburn are among the earliest settlers in Kotagiri. It is a Sopani Falls that falls from a height of 250 feet.

The Catherine Falls is 5 km from Kotagiri. The Catherine Falls is called Geddehada Halla in the local language, translated as “Foothills Dale River”. Roadways can also be an option for people coming here from Kotagiri by their personal means.

6. Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta Peak

Dodabetta peak is the highest peak of the Nilgiri hills and in Kannada language it means big mountain. This mountain is 8650 feet high and it is 9 km from Ooty city. It can be reached by the Ooty-Kotagiri route.

This peak is another tourist attraction of Ooty. Around 3500 tourists come to visit this peak daily during the tourist season i.e. in the months of April and May. To make this place more interesting, forest officials have built an observatory atop the mountain. There are two binoculars that tourists can use to get a view of the valley.

7. Glenmorgan


25 km from Glenmorgan Ooty. This beautiful village is very popular among tourists. The specialty of this village is its tea gardens which are spread on the hills near the village. The main attraction of the village of Glenmorgan is the ropeway which runs from the power house (located in Singara) to the village. This ropeway is about 3 km.

This village is popular with the locals as well as tourists and is also a perfect place for picnics as it can have a beautiful view of the tea gardens.

8. Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is located on the slopes of Elk Hill in Vizianagaram, Ooty, Tamil Nadu. The park was established in 1995. The garden is spread over 10 acres. The Rose Garden has a collection of about 200 types of rose flowers. Located near the Ooty railway station, this garden is filled with the scent of roses at all times. Rose Garden has received South Asia’s Most Excellence Award. Top 10 Best Honeymoon Places In Ooty.

9. Murugan Temple

Like other cities of Tamil Nadu, Ooty also has some magnificent temples. The Murugan Temple situated on Elk Hill is one such grand temple. The Kavadi Attam dance performed by the devotees of God in this temple is the main attraction here.

10. Kamaraj Sagar Dam Of Ooty

Kamaraj Sagar Dam Of Ooty

Like Upper Bhavani Lake, Kamaraj Sagar is also a large dam and is spread over 400 acres in the suburban area of ​​Ooty. This lake, dependent on rain water, is located at the bottom of the hills of the Western Ghats. Tourists can enjoy swimming in the calm waters of this lake or have a wonderful picnic with the family. Top 10 Best Honeymoon Places In Ooty.

How to reach

Distance By Road:-      

Bus services are available from Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminus, Siliguri to reach Darjeeling, Mirik and Kalimpong. If you want to go by Darjeeling bus then you have to reach Sili-guri first. After this you can reach Darjeeling in about three to three and a half hours by seat sharing buses or jeeps.

By Rail                 :-                         

New Delhi to New Jalpaiguri, (NJP) is the nearest railway station and is about 88 kilometers from Darjeeling. The NJP is also connected to all major cities of the country, with most trains heading for the North-Eastern states stopping at this junction. After this, you can reach Darjeeling by bus or taxi from here in two and a half to three hours.

By Air                   :-

The nearest airport to Darjeeling is Bagdogra which is 88 km from here. So you can reach here by plane.

How to reach

The weather here gets very cold in winter, besides the weather is pleasant every month of the year. But tourists going to Ooty should keep in mind that, in winter, the temperature here is below zero.

The nearest airport from here is Coimbatore, which is 100 kilometers away. You can take a direct flight to Coimbatore from Chennai, Kozhikode, Bangalore and Mumbai. Mettupalayam is the railway station of the big line.

Many hotels will be available to stay here. Such as – Deccan Park Resort, Hotel Well back Residency, Hotel Lake View, Hotel Ooty etc.

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