Top 10 Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Top 10 Places to Visit in Mussoorie

If you live in Delhi-NCR, then Mussoorie is the most favorite place to spend a holiday at the hill station. This famous hill station of Uttarakhand is still a favorite honeymoon destination of couples. Not only couples, people also like to come here with family. Beautiful places like Campty Fall, Gun Lake and Mussoorie Lake are worth visiting here. Apart from this, there are many places to visit in Mussoorie. Top 10 Places to Visit in Mussoorie.

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Top Attractions in Mussoorie

1. Kempty Falls-Visit in Mussoorie


Kempty-waterfall is a beautiful waterfall situated at an altitude of 4500 feet above sea level, which is counted as one of the major places of Mussoorie. Falling from a height of about 40 feet from a mountain, this waterfall is the largest of the five waterfalls flowing in the valley of Mussoorie. This waterfall is 15 km from the destination. Is situated on Yamunotri road.

2. Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba
Lal Tibba

Located in the land of Mussoorie, Lal Tibba means Red Mountain and it is the highest point of Mussoorie. If you wish, you can admire the beauty of this hill through the old telescope placed on a 20 meter high tower on the hill here. Apart from this, horse riding experience will also be excellent here.

3. Gun Hill

Gun Hill
Lal Tibba

Gun Hill is the second highest point in Mussoorie after Lal Tibba, which is situated at an altitude of about 400 feet from Mall-Road. You can reach here by ropeway or there is a half-hour long trek through which you can reach here from the court complex. After reaching the top of Gun Hill, with the help of telescope, you can see and feel the Himalayan hills in front of you very closely.

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4. Mall Road-Visit in Mussoorie

Mall Road
Mall Road

Mall_Road is the main shopping hub in Mussoorie. Most of the famous stores of the hill station are all located here. Shops here sell everything from electronics to consumer durables and even everyday essentials. Apart from this, you can also buy woolen clothes, antiques and shawls for yourself. Bargaining is common here, so the negotiation should be in you.

5. Cloud’s End

Cloud’s End

Cloud house and as the name suggests, this place is the end of Mussoorie. It is a famous shopping spot 6 km from the library. The place has a spectacular view of nature and tourists have to pass through dense and dense forests to reach it. Tourists can hire a car to come here from the main city. Tourists who are fond of walking can also reach here by taking a trek from Hathipaon to the Happy_Valley road. Top 10 Places to Visit in Mussoorie.

6. Lake Mist-Visit in Mussoorie

Lake Mist

Lake_Mist is situated on Mussoorie – Kempty Road which is an ideal picnic spot. Tourists can come here and enjoy boating, while for those who love nature, this place provides a natural aura. There is also a restaurant and proper accommodation for tourists at this place.

7. Camel’s_Back Road

Camel's_Back Road
Camel’s_Back Road

Camel’sBack Road, 3 km. There is a long road that starts from the library point and reaches Kulri Bazar. This road looks exactly like a camel in shape and this is why this road is named Camel’s Road. This road can also be seen from the Mussoorie Public School, as well as the local residents here can see this road in the morning and evening. Top 10 Places to Visit in Mussoorie.

8. Bhatta Falls-Visit in Mussoorie

Bhatta Falls
Bhatta Falls

Bhatta_waterfall, 7 km from Mussoorie in Bhatta village. Located on the Mussoorie-Dehradun road. This village can be reached by bus or by renting taxis and cars. 3 km walk from the village to Bhatta waterfall. Which tourists can also decide on foot. It is an ideal picnic spot where people can also enjoy water sports activities. Top 10 Places to Visit in Mussoorie.

9. Happy Valley-Visit in Mussoorie

Happy Valley

Happy_Valley is located to the west of the library point and is located at the end of the cloud, oss end. The valley is famous for its IAS Academy, Municipal Garden, Estates and Tibetan Temple located here. Tourists can enjoy a walk from Happy Valley to the art school which leads to the Hathipaon estate.

10. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

The Beenog Wildlife Sanctuary is situated amidst dense forests and is surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Himalayas on all sides. Chaukambha and Bandarpanch are beautiful peaks seen from this sanctuary. Earlier this sanctuary used to be the natural habitat of the extinct birds named Red-Blood Blue Magpai and Himalayan Quail, later this century was converted into a word-watching destination.

Apart from Avifuana, tourists can also visit the natural habitat of spotted deer and lizards. Buses and taxis are easily available from Dehradun and Mussoorie to this sanctuary.

How To Reach

By Road

Several state and privately operated buses are available from Mussoorie to Dehradun and other parts of the country. Travelers can also avail private deluxe buses from nearby places like Nainital and New Delhi.

By Train

Dehradun railway station, located at a distance of about 60 kilometers, is the nearest railway station to Mussoorie. Travelers can take taxis from the railway station to Mussoorie.

By Air

Jolly supply airport of dehradun is the closest airport to Mussoorie, located at a distance of about 60 km. This airport is well connected to Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Travelers can hire taxis from the airport to reach the destination.

When We See Snowfall In Mussoorie

Throughout the winter you can see snow falling in Mussoorie. It occurs between October and February, with winter peaking in December and January. Convenient places to see snowfall such as Red Dunes, Gun Hill, Clouds End are good places.

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