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Red Fort
Red Fort

The Red Fort was the residence of the Mughal empire till about 1857 till about 1857. Red Fort, the red fort of Delhi is the part of Delhi which is called old Delhi, on the same side, the red fort of Delhi is situated on the banks of river Yamuna. Red Fort.

This is not just a building made of red stone, it was a big event in history. And it has seen such incidents that have changed the attitude of history, from its creation to being formed. This 33 meter high red fort made of red stones reflects the splendor of the Red Fort Old Delhi and the splendor of the Mughals. Its massive walls were used to escape the invaders in 1638.

Its main gate, the Lahore Gate is a dynamic and symbolic center point of present India, where a huge crowd gathers on Independence Day every year.


The Chhota Chowk is a domed road covered with domes, where old things are sold. On the Red Fort every evening a sound and light show is organized which tells the history related to this fort of India.

The construction of the Red Fort in 1639 AD was completed after nine years and the fort was built in front of this fort and the city “Shahjahinabad” was set up, which is now known as Delhi, 60 feet by the temple of Red Fort and Yamuna High and the front wall is 110 feet high, in it the 75-foot wall is above the surface of the wall and it is up to the surface of the other left. The wall of the Red Fort was constructed by Orangzeb.

Five Doors

There were five doors to enter the fort. The main door was “Lahori Darwaja”, the door opened on Chandni Chonk, entering the Lahore door, the Chhata Market started, this hive has both shops and there is a peak between them.

Red Fort is on Netaji Subhash Marg and the closest metro station is Chandni Chowk. It is closed every Monday and is open from sunrise to sunset. The entrance fee for Indians at Red Fort is 10 rupees and admission fee for foreigners is 250 rupees.

Major Places of Delhi’s Near Red Fort

Lahori Darwaza

Nobat Khana



Shahi Hammam

Heera Mahal

Motee Masjid

Jafar Mahal

Rang Mahal

Mumtaz Mahal

Musamman Burj

Asad Burj

Shahi Burj

Hayaat Bakhsh Bagh


August 15, 1947

On August 15, 1947, India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru wore a tricolor from the Red Fort of the Red Fort, the Lahore Gate. From this onwards, on every Independence Day, the Prime Minister wraps the Tiranga on this fort and addresses the country. After India’s independence, there were some changes in this place and made Red Fort a military cantonment. Many parts of it were under the Indian Army till 2003 and its populated Indian Archeology Department was given to repair it.

Hotels near Red Fort (Lal Quila)

The Oberoi, New Delhi          6.6 km from Red Fort (Lal Quila)

Hotel Broadway                     1.7 km from Red Fort (Lal Quila)

Hotel Tara Palace                  0.7 km from Red Fort (Lal Quila)

Hotel MGM Residency          1.6 km from Red Fort (Lal Quila)

Maidens Hotel                        2.5 km from Red Fort (Lal Quila)

Hotel Ajanta                           2.6 km from Red Fort (Lal Quila)

Ginger New Delhi                  2.1 km from Red Fort (Lal Quila)

Hotel Mount Hill                     1.1 km from Red Fort (Lal Quila)

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Nearest Metro Station          

Lal Qila metro station

Lal Qila metro station

Distance between New Delhi Railway Station and Lal Qila

                                                03 km

Distance between Old Delhi Railway Station and Lal Qila

                                                02 km

Distance Between Isbt Kasmiri Gate and Lal Qila Bus Stand

                                               03 km

Distance Between Delhi Airport and Lal Qila

                                                19 km  

Shopping Market near Lal Qila (Red Fort)

Lajpat Rai Market                            0.9 km

Meena Bazaar Market                    0.45 km

Chawri Bazaar                                 1.27 km

Ballimaran Bazaar Market              1.9 km

Khari Baoli                                       2.9 km

Book Market                                     1.4 km

Pleasure Garden Market                0.9 km

Fatehpuri Phool Mandi                  1.9 km

Chandni Chowk                               0.9 km

Sita Ram Bazaar                               1.1 km

Anguribagh Market                         0.98 km

Meena Bazaar Market                    0.45 km

Dariba Kalan Jewellery Market     0.85 km

Delhi Gate                                       4.35 km

Bapu Market                                    0.1   km

New Mahesh Cloth Market            1.03 km

Kinari Bazaar                                   1.67 km

Motor Market                                   1.88 km

Nai Sarak                                         1.14 km

Moti Bazaar                                     1.14 km

Marwari Katra Market                     0.93 km